Spacy a apporté quelques changements a cet émulateur GBA développé à l’origine par Forgotten.

Applied mhamanaka’s patch for the jopyad config problems for japanese users
Updated DirectInput to version 8
Updated DirectSound to version 8
Changed DirectX Initializations
Updated GNU GPL info in every source file
Removed some remaining SDL code
Increased code’s 64 bit compatibility
Fixed Tab order for Option Dialog
Dialog for video settings now working
D3D: Calculation of the image position is now done only once instead of every frame
Pre-defined full screen resolutions now keep the current bit depth
Pre-defined 1024 & 1280 modes work now with D3D
Replaced TheCloudOfSmoke’s color set with a better one, made by PokemonHacker
Made fullscreen mode select code look better
Removed remaining GUID variables from DirectDraw
Added option to D3D to keep aspect ratio (affects windowed & fs mode)
Removed MaxScale option (it is useless in my eyes and hard to implement with matrices)
Updated about box

En savoir plus…