Il restait deux bugs a corriger sur RockNES, aujourd’hui il y en a de nouveaux…

– Fixed broken CPU branch instructions timing. Phew, now the NES demos work properly once again. ^_^;;
– There’s not much about the Bandai IRQ fix. I suspect it’s a CPU timing problem (much like the ‘branch’ case I guess). All the other mappers that uses the same Bandai handler have been updated.
– The new config system has 2 problems… Breaking the path string at first blank space and saving the last directory accessed, including the game filename! Might be easy to fix this mess… -_-;;.

Une fois les derniers bugs fixés, je vous rappel le process :

9. Final code revision.
10. Benchmark for Pentium III 800MHz (must be full speed).
11. Binaries for Win32.
12. Test period.
13. Public release.

On aura enfin notre RockNES v5 !

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