Une version non officielle WIP de cet émulateur de GameBoyAdvance est disponible sur le forum de ngemu. Voici les nouveautés:

– Applied mhamanaka’s patch for the jopyad config problems for japanese users
– Updated DirectInput to version 8
– Updated DirectSound to version 8
– Changed DirectX Initializations
– Updated GNU GPL info in every source file
– Removed some remaining SDL code
– Increased code’s 64 bit compatibility
– Fixed Tab order for Option Dialog
– Dialog for video settings now working
– D3D: Calculation of the image position is now done only once instead of every frame
– Pre-defined full screen resolutions now keep the current bit depth
– Pre-defined 1024 & 1280 modes work now with D3D
– Replaced TheCloudOfSmoke’s color set with a better one, made by PokemonHacker
– Made fullscreen mode select code look better
– Removed remaining GUID variables from DirectDraw
– Added option to D3D to keep aspect ratio (affects windowed & fs mode)
– Removed MaxScale option (it is useless in my eyes and hard to implement with matrices)
– Updated about box

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