Nouvelle version WIP de Zsnes compilé par Ipher dont voici les changements:

* ALL: Fixed crash after enabling Sound Interpolation mid game. [Jonas Quinn]
* ALL: Removed off by 1 line fix. [Jonas Quinn]
* ALL: Fixed burning effect in executables compiled with GCC. [Jonas Quinn]
* ALL: Partial RTO support, FF3 cursor now fixed. [pagefault]
* W_S: Some speedup for non DOS ports. [Jonas Quinn]
* W_S: Overhauled WIP Message. [Nach]
* WIN: Fixed black screen after the computer was locked. [Jonas Quinn]
* DSP4: Fixed turn offs. [Nach]
* GUI: Implemented delay function for windows, fixes some annoyances in the GUI [pagefault]
* GUI: Fixed Gaussian always selected bug when MMX Support is disabled. [Jonas Quinn]
* GUI: Some options that are only available with MMX enabled are now hidden if MMX is disabled. [Jonas Quinn]
* GUI: Fixed garbled screen after VSync or Trible Buffering is enabled. [Jonas Quinn]
* GUI: Optimized code a bit. [Jonas Quinn]
* GUI: Fixed missing shadow in F1 Menu. [Jonas Quinn]
* GUI: Fixed extra lines on top in F1 Menu and in screenshots. [Jonas Quinn]
* GUI: Revamped the Movie window [ipher, Nach]
* SRC: Removed some DOS only code from other ports. [Jonas Quinn]
* SRC: Cleanup and removal of dead code. [Jonas Quinn]
* SRC: Fixed a minor bug in objfix [Jonas Quinn]
* SRC: Fixed warning in VS.NET 2005 [pagefault]
* SRC: Fixed some GCC 4 warnings. [Jonas Quinn]

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