Nouvelle version pour ce programme assez particulier qui permet de debugger/ripper un ensemble de choses en relation avec les jeux Snes, voici les nouveautés:

– SRC: added support for PNG files and Super Sleuth savestates
– SRC: improved rendering (hi-res, mosaic and interlace screens, sprite RTO)
– SRC: added support for DirectColor BGs to SceneViewer and MemViewer
– GUI: SceneViewer now renders to 512×4?? by default, with soft blurring
– GUI: added a bit more functionality to the custom file dialog windows
– SRC: fixed detection of some ColorWindow settings
– SRC: added code for saving and restoring the Preview window´s zoom
– SRC: added check for backspace key in CartViewer
– SRC: fixed saving bitmaps to clipboard from the SceneViewer
– SRC: various smaller fixes and corrections

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