CoPaCabana est un émulateur Amstrad CPC tournant sous Windows. Des versions MacOS & PalmOS sont en cours de développement.

General (will be in next windows version too):
– Fixed a bug in emulation of ADC HL,ss (P flag was not set correctly)
– Added support for opcode ED 54 (NEG)
– Fix a bug in prefix emulation handling (FD FD or DD DD)

PalmOS specific:
– Boot text now show correct version
– Changed DIA support to not use an external 68K PRC (which was created at launch time and deleted at shutdown). All is done internally now.
– Correctly disable rotation trigger
– Reduced flickering when pausing/resuming or opening/closing DIA
– Fix the crash when reloading a previously saved snapshot (using the 2 SNA buttons)

Windows specific:
– Put sound back in. I removed it by mistake in the previous version.

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