Nouvelle version de Zsnes compilé par Ipher:

* ALL: Fixed loading of SD F-1 Grand Prix Sample (uses sa-1). [Nach]
* ALL: DMA fix for Tetris Attack (and probably other games). [grinvader]
* ALL: Fixed typo, fixes SA-1 games. [pagefault]
* ALL: Changed NTSC sync value [pagefault]
* ALL: Removed EWJ2 hack [grinvader]
* W_S: Updated the Browser Launch code [Nach]
* W_S: Added a « Documentation » button in the about box [Nach, ipher]
* MOV: Movie encoding using mencoder!. [Nach]
* MOV: Rates other than 32KHz now recorded properly too. [Nach]
* MOV: Audio and Video files now saved in ZSNES launch directory [Nach]
* GUI: Added more movie options [Nach]
* GUI: Made error message appear if mencoder is not found [pagefault]
* PSR: Allow more than one per app [Nach]
* PSR: Overhauled Unified PSR. [grinvader]
* TOL: Updated source counter tool a bit. [grinvader]
* SRC: Directory /cvsroot/zsnes/zsnes/src/psrhead added to the repository [grinvader]
* SRC: Unused CL param dropped and cleanup. [grinvader] ]

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