L’incontournable System16.com (base de donnée des systèmes d’arcades), The Arcade Museum a été mis à jour.

# OK, so we had ATEI in the UK then AOU in Japan so I’ve had a little to do figuring stuff out with the updates, I think I should have caught most things now that have been released/announced, but you never know, if you notice anything I’ve forgotten, as usual let me know.

# I’ve managed to work my way through most of my /system16_todo directory. In case you’ve sent something in by email and are wondering where it is, I’ve not even looked at my /system16 email folder this time round, that’s probably for the next update :). I had a shedload of stuff backed up in my to do and it’s been a real slog getting through it all this time around, I don’t know who sent in some stuff, so if I haven’t given you credit let me know and I’ll add it where appropriate.

# You’ll notice in this update that I’ve added Chase HQ 2 by Taito, there was a sneak peak of it at the AOU and I have to say you can colour me pretty unimpressed so far. You drive a police car! I mean, what’s that about? Where’s the undercover supercar with the light slapped on the top? And what’s all this cell shaded Nancy all about? O well, we’ll have to see, hasn’t been a good Chase HQ style game since the criminally underrated Tokyo Cop by Galeco.

# Afterburner Climax is sounding more and more interesting, sounds like the cabinet is going to be along the lines of the Cycraft simulator, which would make sense as Sega bought Simuline, the company that made that cabinet 🙂 I can’t wait for it; the videos of it in motion are just amazing…

# So, with that little quiver of excitement out of the way I better get on with the update…

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