Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Playstation qui n’utilise aucun plugin à la manière d’un VGS, un bon émulateur.

– Fixed several GTE bugs (Crash Bandicoot 3 + others)
– More accurate SPU noise and FM (FF7 and ChronoCross sound correct)
– Set mask bit for lines (MGS frequency display now works)
– Fixed bug where primitive coordinates were not sign extended (ChronoCross)
– Swapped analog sticks
– Fixed pad force feedback crash (now properly enumerates actuators)
– Disabled vsync in windowed mode to fix speed problems
– Fixed SPU looping bug: -S option is no longer required (now ignored)
– Fixed bug where starting in fullscreen would incorrectly resize window
– Fixed debugger GPU capture
– Added preliminary version of TheCloudOfSmoke’s icon

Télécharger Pyldin v3.3.29 (5,0 Mo)

Télécharger nGlide v2.0 (3,1 Mo)

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