Un émulateur de TI89 (et 89 Titanium), TI92 ( II et +) et V200. Ce qui correspond aux plus puissantes calculatrices de chez TI vendu dans le commerce. Vous aurez besoin du module GTK disponible ici: http://gladewin32.sourceforge.net.

– [roms] $1974: lcd/lcd_mem code slightly reworked for clarity
– [roms] $1976: skin is now scaled directly from JPEG image => no resolution lost
– [roms] $1984 : error message about state images are a little better
– [roms] $1986: fixing bug #1434625: display a better error message when attempting to load a state image targetted for another hand-held model
– [roms] $1987: fixed bug #1434625: allow direct loading of a state image and associated image.
– [roms] $1998: fixed #1436138: V200 screen bigger than the skin
– [roms] $2000: improved bug #1434606: « Calculator panel on the background »
– [roms] $2005: accept TI92 files on Titanium and others
– [roms] $2011: bug #1434600 => goes to HOME when calc is not ready
– [roms] $2013: import UAE 0.8.25 (upgrade from 0.8.23) from TiEmu3 trunk.

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