Nouvelle version de Zsnes compilé par Ipher dont voici les changements:

* ALL: Gamma message is now correct. (yes you can use gamma in any port in any video mode now) [Nach]
* ALL: Fixed crash after SuperFX savestates are loaded. [Jonas Quinn]
* ALL: Made anti aliasing comment more clear (thanks Jipcy for pointing it out). [Nach]
* ALL: zmovie.cfg is now created when ZSNES loads, and is only read then. [Nach]
* W_S: Added a safe popen() which doesn’t return until it knows the application is there or not, and doesn’t carry around extra data. And there was much rejoicing across the land. [Nach]
* SDL: Improved spc_fork to remove all bugs (take that cookbook!). Split out code from sdllink to a seperate file. [Nach]
* SDL: Fixed problem with GUI not being updated sometimes [pagefault]
* SDL: Added file [pagefault]
* PSR: Parsegen now has better handling of blank comments. [Nach]

* MOV: XviD now functional [Nach, ipher]

* MOV: Changed defaults [Nach]
* MOV: Fixed MinGW video. [Nach]
* MOV: Movie related actions now set frame skip to 0, and restores original settings when done. [Nach]
* SRC: Code Cleanup. [grinvader, Nach]
* SRC: Updated todo. [pagefault]
* SRC: Made guifuncs.c depend on md.o to fix some problems. [Jonas Quinn]
* SRC: Added a file in psrhead/ so people who blindly use -P stop failing. [grinvader]
* SRC: Added NTSC filter from blargg. [pagefault, ipher, Nach]

La compilation date du 8 mais les sources ont été releasés hier ce qui en fait une version WIP datant du 7.

Télécharger Dualis R20.4 (277,9 Ko)

Télécharger iDeaS v1.0.4.0 (241,0 Ko)

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