FakeNES est un emulateur NES concu en open source et portable, la plupart de son code est du C, et il utilise l’excellente libraire Allegro pour être porté sur plusieurs systèmes. Il est distribué selon les termes de la license CAL « Clarified Artistic License », qui est compatible avec la très en vogue GNU General Public License (GPL).

– AUDIO: Temporarily disabled OpenAL by default – There is nothing wrong with the code but OpenAL implementations don’t like buffers as small as FakeNES uses, and thus produce silence. That will be fixed when the audio system is overhauled.
– CORE: Fixed a runtime assertion error by adding a check for the existence of CHR-ROM before attempting to build a CRC32 of it.
– GUI: Fixed a bug that caused some GUI fonts to get screwed up after a moveable dialog was drawn.
– NET: Temporarily disabled all references to NetPlay, since it was never implemented in the first place.

Télécharger FakeNES (Win) v0.5.8 (638,7 Ko)

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