La prochaine version de cet émulateur de Nes est en développement et devrait proposer les nouveautés suivantes:

– Improved behavior in multitasking environments, particularly in windowed mode.
– Display of in-game shortcut keys (e.g, F1 for Snapshot) in GUI menus, where possible.
– Quick Save/Load (with it’s own dedicated slot and file extension of .fsv).
– Region auto-detection for NTSC (J,JU,U,UE) and PAL (E) games, when enabled.
– Full Unicode compliance everywhere that ROM filenames are utilized.
– More reliable playback of replays (but still far from perfect I’m afraid).

Edit 21H00: FakeNes 0.5.3 est disponible.

– CODE: Cleaned up timing code slightly.
– GUI: Removed all remaining hacks leftover from the old GUI menu code.
– MISC: Added quick save/quick load feature which uses it’s own independant state slot. – Note that quicksave files have an extension of .fsv.
– MISC: Cleaned up ROM loading code.
– MISC: Made most code that deals with ROM filenames Unicode safe.
– MISC: Changed behavior upon task switch while running in windowed modes from ‘SWITCH_PAUSE’ to ‘SWITCH_BACKGROUND’.
– MISC: Added callbacks to stop and later resume audio playback when a task switch occurs while running in fullscreen mode.
– MISC: Added region auto-detection for PAL (E) games (currently it defaults to NTSC for all others). Note that this feature must be enabled from the System->Region menu by setting Region to ‘Automatic’.
– NET: Initial work on new NetPlay engine.

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