Nouvelle update pour cet émulateur Sinclair QL.

– QPC’s task button can be transferred to the notification area (« system tray »), either permanently or temporarily when QPC is minimized.
– Option can only be changed by directly configuring SMSQE.BIN.
– Fixed problem with keyboard entries when QPC was minimized by clicking the task bar button.
– Bug in CHK command fixed, thanks to George Gwilt. Doesn’t seem to be a very popular command, this bug has existed for over 9 years without anybody noticing!
– Increased maximum .WIN-filename length to 255 characters.
– Increased maximum DOS-base path length to 199 characters.
– Restrictions for DOS-base path names lifted.
– Windows file attributes now returned in DOS device file headers.
– SMSQ/E version is shown in configuration dialog title.
– Holding CTRL while using the mouse wheel stuffs ALT+left/right.
*** Needs at least SMSQ/E V3.12

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