Free42 est une ré-implémentation de HP-42S et de HP-82240 printer.

* GTK version: refused to close the print-out window. Fixed.

* New: GTK+ version. For Unix users who think Motif is not cool enough. 😉
* Fixed handling of large complex arguments in ABS and SIGN.
* Decimal version: fixed a bug in BCDFloat addition and subtraction that could
cause the result to be rounded wrong under certain circumstances.
* Some minor maintenance stuff: changed the type of BASE (in bcdfloat.h) from
‘long’ back to ‘int’ in order to make the PalmOS code slightly more
efficient; removed the -O2 option from the MinGW makefile, because the
optimizer was breaking the solver.
* Fixed a bug that could cause the PalmOS version to fail while converting
programs from decimal to binary.

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