Free42 est une ré-implémentation de HP-42S et de HP-82240 printer.

* GTK version: when initially presented, the print-out window was not
automatically scrolled to the bottom sometimes. Fixed.
* GTK version: when the print-out window´s scroll-back buffer was full, and the
window was not scrolled to the bottom, and print-out took place, the window
would get updated wrong. Fixed.
* In TRACE mode, while running a program, clearing flag 21 should not suppress
auto-print, but it did. Fixed.
* The « Paste » command no longer uses sscanf() to parse real or complex numbers;
instead, it now uses the same string-to-number conversion code that is used
when the user enters a number on the keyboard. This means that numbers like
0.1 can now be pasted in the Decimal version with no loss of precision.

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