Voici enfin la première Beta de la V5 de RockNES !!!

– Major CPU core rebuilding, now using cycle precision timing.
– Opcode 3Ch emulated (NOP6) for our playing needs.
– Major APU timing, output and core fixes, much more accurate and clean.
– Major PPU timing fix, pass OK through test ROMs.
– Optional sound quirk emulation.
– Sprites 0 and 1 behaviour fixed (Tatakai no Banka works).
– Better 2004h sprite reading emulation (no flickering in Micro Machines).
– Fixed screen rendering when disabled (Micro Machines).
– Fixed DMC clocking, making FireHawk game to work properly.
– Fixed VRC6 sound output, now using fully signed waves (much better).
– Several fixes in order to improve emulation performance.
– Disabled save or loading states during movie playback.
– Disabled joypad keypresses like up+down or left+right (Zelda 2).
– Fixed a bug reading the config file, no more blanks at end of strings.
– Changed joypad buttons assignment in the config file, fixing stupid errors.
– Fixed many GUI problems, including dumping and file saving.
– New savestate block added: PTB0 (PPU timing block).
– Fixed a bug in the savestate [MPR block], plus added an extra block for APU.
– Updated RSx revision id, now only revision 2 are loadable/supported.
– Illegal opcodes are simply skipped, instead of quitting to OS.
– Added mouse gameplay support!
– Added command line support.
– Added ‘stretched to 640×480 non-scanlined’ blitter.
– Added new ‘Options’ GUI item, so you can configure inputs, sound, blitter and directories!
– Config file reworked, fixing a few minor bugs.
– Frames per second (FPS) display added.
– A couple of hidden annoyances has been fixed.
– Mapper 4 (MMC3) disabled due to bad IRQ counter working (to be fixed).
– Broken trainer support (to be fixed).
– Other minor fixes and improvements that I don’t remember…

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