Quelques news du coté de cet émulateur de Snes:

– Added Game Genie and Pro Action Replay support. The support works per game, and cheat codes are saved to cht files, which are stored in the same folder as save RAM files. The cht file format is plaintext. I haven’t added the cheat database I want to, nor the GUI for adding and removing codes as of yet.

– I also started on a new general configuration dialog. Rather than continue to clutter up the menu, I’ve instead opted to put all basic config options into one dialog box. It looks like this. It gives me a lot more room for options and their descriptions.

– The HQ2x renderer was sped up by ~35% with the help of blargg and sinimas. It’s still pretty CPU intensive, though.

– The big news this update is bugfixes to the core emulation, at long last! DMV27 has submitted bugfixes for multiple things. All of the following fixes are courtesy of him alone. First, HDMA was being disabled when a DMA transfer occured. This is incorrect, and is what was breaking Castlevania: Dracula X. Next, OAM priority rotation was incorrect, and this was causing the damage display in Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest to appear behind the main characters (it worked before on enemies), and also caused the wrong sprite to be hidden on the SNES Test Program interlaced OAM test. Also fixed is some ENDX settings in the DSP emulation, which fixes choppiness of vocal sound effects in Earthworm Jim 2. The game sounds perfect now. Lastly, various bugfixes were applied so bsnes can now be compiled with MinGW, and a makefile for MinGW was added. Note that I won’t be maintaining this makefile as I don’t have MinGW installed. Screenshots below.

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