Nouvelle version pour ce frontend multi-émulateurs dont voici les nouveautés:

En résumé:
– Bios set rewrite. Select a different bios set for all bios with multiple sets (no bios set per game yet…)
– Save state loading support. Load a save state directly from the frontend before starting a game
– Support for MAME v0.104u5
– Several bug fixes
– MNG recording (playback will be added in a future version)

En détail:

– added: Software compiled with new FMOD v3.7.5 and added « fmod64.dll » file so audio files can be played in Windows 64-bit editions
– fixed: Feature « Record Sound » in « Advanced User » / « MAME » section was not working
– fixed: Folder of « -wavwrite » feature in MAME was not being set correctly
– fixed: AV error when closing the audit screen while games are being audited
– changed: File « docsel-tips-tricks.txt » updated
– changed: Some minor modifications
– changed: Tab « Unsupported » renamed to « Old Builds » (MAME settings screen)
– changed: Updates for MAME v0.104u3
– Thread Priority (MAME settings screen, Miscellaneous tab)
– added: New file « ini_filessavestate.ini »
… guess what it does 🙂
– added: New feature: « Load Save State » (« Advanced Users » main menu, MAME based emus only)
* Load a save state before starting a game, if available
* Be aware, games that do not have proper save state support may malfunction due to MAME limitations, not caused by this frontend!

WARNING: MAME « autosave » will be disabled if loading a save state manually
(disabled in command line only, not in « mame.ini »)

– added: New folder with imagaes « resourcesimages opbars »
… used in some screens

– changed: Section « [bios] » in « ini_filesios.ini » file now display bios descriptions as it should be from the start. This doesn’t prevent EL from functioning but you will see « bios » as a description for all bios sets instead of real descriptions

– added: Default bios names and selected bios names stored in « ini_filesiosset.ini » file
… see next item below for more info 🙂

– changed: Bios sets feature rewrite
– Each system with multiple bios sets can have a custom selection, by using a
new screen « Bios Sets » accessible from « Advanced User / Bios Sets / Settings »
main menu (remember to activate this feature by selecting « User Defined »
menu item)
– Systems with only one bios are excluded from this feature (obviously…)
– This feature is used only when executing games for MAME based emulators
– Menu item « System Bios » removed (now obsolete)
– When in « Bios Sets » screen, bios sets shown in bold font are the default sets

Make sure to recreate your MAME based games lists so this feature can function

WARNING: Do not delete « default_bios » / « selected_bios » entries in
« ini_filesiosset.ini » or this feature will not work properly.
…as a matter of fact, do not mess with this file at all 🙂

– changed: Bios dropdown button in « MAME Settings » replaced by a listview for easy access
– All bios sets are shown, even single bios systems
– Default bios sets are shown in bold font

– added: New Option: Display Bios Set « User Defined » Warning (Preferences screen)
To remove the « annoying » message after customizing bios sets 😉

– fixed: Username and user filename in favorites feature were not being properly handled
causing some bugs when adding/deleting games in favorites lists

– changed: Renamed « Toggle Expanded / Closed » setting to « Show Expanded Items »
… treeview settings menu option / view mode button in tool bar

– fixed: Error when all groups are closed in ListView
(large, small, list, thumbnails, tiles view modes)

– fixed: Long folder/filenames in ZiNc was not properly supported

– added: GUI settings for mng playback (feature not implemented yet!)

– changed: Sound clips playback and recording now use the sound clips folders setting
(Preferences screen, « Folders / Files » tab)
– The setting « MAME Wave Write » has been removed
– Record sounds is for MAME based emus only (MAME / AGEMAME / PinMAME)
– when recording sounds, if a .wav file already exists, Emu Loader will
try to create a file with a different name (format « gamename0019.wav »)

– added: MNG recording (MAME based emus)
– use « MNG Videos » in preferences screen « Folders / Files » tab to set folders
– in a future release, these folders will also be used for mng playback
– to record a video, select « Advanced Users » / « MAME » / « Record Video » main menu

– changed: FMOD always use « Windows Multimedia Output » driver for playback now
… this output gives you the best quality anyway 🙂

– fixed: A few bugs when running EL in Windows Vista

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