Il s’agit d’un émulateur NES pour Windows créé par Martin Freij. Cet ému dispose de plusieurs fonctions bien sympatiques comme le Game Genie, VS System, Famicom Disk System, player de son NSF, sauvegardes/Slots, patch IPS, enregistrement video/audio etc…

Windows Additions:

* Sound volume level sliders.
* More NTSC video filter options.
* Scanline darkening level sliders.

Windows Changes:

* Pressing the ALT-key when the menu is hidden should no longer cause « hickups » during play.
* Recent files/directories menu lock state is now saved on exit.

Windows Fixes:

* Window placement bug.

Emulator Additions:

* Non-linear APU sound output.
* Mapper 116 for « AV-Girl Fighting ».
* Mapper 163 and 167. Info from tpu.
* Database entries.

Emulator Changes:

* Update to version 0.1.7 of Blargg’s NTSC composite video filter.
* Fine-tuned the volume levels of the external sound chips.
* More accurate SUNSOFT5B sound chip emulation.
* Moved « Shanghai » to mapper 93.
* Patch for « Dragon Ball Z II – Gekishin Freeza!! (redump) » to use the proper EEPROM type.
* ‘No Sprite Limit’ option should now be more responsive to games that make heavy use of OAM cycling.

Emulator Fixes:

* Mapper 45, 53, 74, 90, 93, 164 and 165.
* Dip-switch and input fixes for some VS.System games.
* Database entries.

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