Je reviens de prison (pour avoir téléchargé un mp3 en 64kbps 22khz, en effet les peines sont plus légères quand on télécharge en 64kbps, allez savoir pourquoi….). Bon sur ce, quelques news:

Free42 est une ré-implémentation de l’HP-42S et de l’imprimante HP-82240.

version 1.4.10
* Pocket PC version: made orange (shifted) legends in the Standard skin a bit
larger. The original 5×4 characters were way too small; hopefully the new 7×5
characters will be more to people’s liking.
* Tweaked the PalmOS version of the Ehrling42sm skin a little: I increased the
vertical key spacing by 4 pixels. It has a more balanced appearance now;
should be nicer to use, too.
* PalmOS version: changed the display background color in the Ehrling42sm,
SemiReal42, SemiReal42HD, and SemiAuto42HD skins, from LCD greenish to gray.
The reason is that the standard PalmOS 8-bit palette does not contain the
right shade of green, so in the skin bitmaps, the color ended up becoming
gray anyway; displaying the actual LCD contents on top of it (which happens
in true color on devices that support it) then gives an ugly appearance.
I modified skin2prc so that it can now also generate true-color (16-bit) skin
bitmaps, but those tend to get pretty big, so I’m not using that
functionality yet while building the package; maybe
later, I’ll create separate true-color versions of Ehrling42sm etc. to keep
the fans of green happy…

version 1.4.9

* PalmOS version: optimized display updating code. For high-density skins,
display updates are now about 3 times faster than before; this should make
HD skins much more usable (more responsive).
* PalmOS version: added support for tall (320×450) skins.
* Added new « realistic » 320×450 skin to package. It’s
not great; just a quick-and-dirty, proof-of-concept adaptation of Ehrling42sm
from the Windows/Unix skin collection.

version 1.4.8

* Changed implementations of somes implementations…. which is
fine in most cases, except when NaNs are involved.
* Decimal versions: rewrote BCDFloat comparison functions so they now handle
NaNs properly; also, inequalities now return correct results for numbers
whose difference is too small to represent (e.g. 1.1e-10000 1e-10000 XY?
used to return ‘false’, because it would subtract the two numbers and then
compare the result to 0 — with no check for underflow).

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