Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Nes:

– AUDIO: Hard Sync option will now honor the current CPU usage setting.
– CODE: Moved GUI configuration saving code to gui_exit().
– CODE: Improved error handling in blitters.
– CODE: Minor clean ups and improved error handling in the MMC emulations.
– CODE: Greatly reduced redundancy in theme handling code.
– CODE: Made all MMC interfaces static.
– CODE: Fixed a GCC warning about a ‘possibly uninitialized’ variable in ‘papu.c’.
– CODE: Replaced all references to ‘state’ with ‘save state’.
– GUI: Added support for generic themes.
– GUI: Added 5 new color themes (Xodiac, Monochrome, Essence, Voodoo, Hugs and Kisses).
– GUI: Added custom drawing code for ‘sl_checkbox’ object.
– GUI: Fixed a cosmetic bug where save state loading and saving menu items in the GUI had the wrong function keys assigned.
– GUI: Considerable menu reorganizations.
– GUI: Added a recent files menu.
– GUI: Increased maximum number of replays to 10 (up from 5).
– GUI: General clean-ups.
– MISC: Fixed a bug where the FPS counters were never cleared when frame skipping was disabled, causing them to accumulate indefinitely.
– MISC: Changed default debug and optimization flags when building under DJGPP/Mingw32
– MISC: Minor cosmetic improvements to the build process.
– MISC: Added a soft reset feature.
– VIDEO: Implemented new blitter architecture.
– VIDEO: Re-added ability to flip PPU mirroring (this ability was previously assigned to a shortcut key that was removed in a recent version).
– VIDEO: Removed ‘first_blit_line’ and ‘last_blit_line’ (since they don’t work with the new blitter setup).
– VIDEO: Removed color (de)emphasis overlays (color math will be re-added later as a native part of the PPU emulation).
– VIDEO: Added optional horizontal and vertical edge clipping to help hide scrolling.

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