FCE Ultra Win32 Mappers Modified est un build non officiel de FCE Ultra basé sur le dernier snapshot dispo. fceu-0.98.13

045 mapper – (…) fixed, correct emulation of some dumps.
115 mapper – (…) fixed, looks like logic of this mapper little different than we has know.
188 mapper – (…) fixed, additional songs are selectable.
189 mapper – (…) fixed for new dump « Master Fighter II (As)[!].nes »
235 mapper – (…) modified iNES loader source to allow loading iNES ROMS with 256 PRG banks.
UNL-S74LS374N board fixed for supporting new dumps…
UNL-SHero boadr for new Sachen dump
BMC-T-262 board for new multigame cart dumps
DInput device mode changed to BACKGROUND. Now with enabled flag « Acvive while focus lost » it can be used for playing two or more FCEUs with one keyboard or joystic at same time.

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