Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur dont voici les changements:

– AUDIO: Overhauled entire audio system almost completely.
– AUDIO: Added auto-detection of sound system sampling rate and sample depth on first run.
– AUDIO: Added a master volume control with GUI interface.
– AUDIO: Added support for recording audio to WAV files.
– AUDIO: Improved OpenAL support (still not correct).
– AUDIO: Renamed ‘Pseudo Stereo’ to ‘Virtual Stereo’, per Astxist’s suggestion.
– AUDIO: Changed default audio mixing mode to Virtual Stereo Mode 2.
– AUDIO: Separated APU updates from resets, allowing APU parameters to be updated without adversely affecting gameplay.
– AUDIO: Disabled reinitialization of the audio system during a hard reset, since there is no longer any need for it, and it might’ve been causing problems.
– CODE: General code clean-ups.
– CODE: Split platform-specific initialization code into it’s own file.
– CODE: Merged pAPU with APU.
– CODE: Merged HQ2X, HQ3X, and HQ4X into a single file.
– CORE: Quick and dirty clean-up of the CPU interface.
– CODE: Added support for linking against Allegro statically under Mingw32.
– CODE: Implemented separate directories for optimized, debug, and static builds under Mingw32.
– CODE: Added ‘VERBOSE’ makefile macro that passes -Q to gcc when defined (DJGPP/Mingw32).
– CODE: Now linking against ALUT when FakeNES is built with OpenAL support.
– CODE: Reorganized input handling code.
– CODE: Updated copyright messages.
– CODE: Removed Clarified Artistic License notice from file headers.
– CODE: Removed ‘build.h’ since DJGPP is no longer a primary development platform anyway.
– GUI: Fixed a crash in the Cheat Manager.
– GUI: Fixed a bug in the input configuration dialog.
– GUI: Added an entry to the Video menu to enable/disable page buffering.
– GUI: Updated and cleaned up the Help->Shortcuts dialog.
– GUI: Moved a few menus around.
– GUI: Reorganized Video menu a bit.
– INPUT: Made all input Unicode-compatible.
– MISC: Added real-time game rewinding (activated by holding down the backslash key on US keyboards).
– MISC: More reliable FPS reporting.
– MISC: Fixed a problem with the generic mouse pointer used by the color themes.
– MISC: Removed resync, since it is no longer required.
– MISC: Increased default maximum frame skip setting from 3 to 4 to improve performance on slow machines.
– VIDEO: Fixed a possible crash when the screen resolution was not sufficient for the selected blitter.
– VIDEO: Added support for multiple video filters of the same type.
– VIDEO: Reduced edge clipping from 12 to 8 pixels, which still seems sufficient enough to hide most scrolling artifacts.
– VIDEO: Added check for VRAM-based destination bitmap before attempting page buffering.
– VIDEO: Disabled page buffering by default, since it causes a significant speed hit.
– VIDEO: Disabled the drawing of message history when the chat box is not open.

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