Une nouvelle version de JEmu2 est disponible. Le travail s’est majoritairement concentré sur la partie MSX2.

May 6, 2006 – JEmu2 version 3.2 released
New in this version:
* Added 9 MSX2 games: Xevious – Fardraut Saga, Zanac-Ex, Quarth, King’s Valley 2, The Treasure of Usas, Dragon Slayer 4, Famicle Parodic, Quinpl and Penguin-Kun Wars 2.
* Improved MSX2 driver compatibility.
* Improved V9938 accuracy. (The MSX2 VDP)
* Fixed a subtle but important bug in the Z80 CPU core, which improved both the MSX2 driver and the SMS driver.
(I didn’t update the applet yet, but I will soon)

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