EMU7800 est un projet d’émulateur Atari VCS7800 développé par Mike Murphy avec la plateforme Microsoft .NET. Développé en Open Source, il s’agit à la base d’un projet d’étude pour Mike.

* Added: Web browser control on new Help tab, enabling easy reference to this README and online game manuals where defined in ROMProperties.csv
* Fixed: 7800 Emulation: 320B mode corrected to correspond to the real hardware—courtesy of Matthias Luedtke (matthias@atari8bit.de)
* Updated: Moved to .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005
* Updated: SDL.dll to version 1.2.10
* Added: Emulator sleeps after each frame is rendered to reduce superfluous CPU consumption (can be tuned via the Console tab)
* Updated: Better pause behavior—modal functions are still available during pause

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