Un bon émulateur NES en japonais, mais une version Anglaise a été développé et c’est celle-ci qui est justement proposée.

-Several automatic correspondence or addition of a family BASIC keyboard.
-Add a Mapper164/165/167.(Thanks TPU)
-It supports Supor Keyborad.(Thanks TPU)
-Coped with a voice synthesis of Moero!! Pro-Tennis.


-Support a logical change application of a Caps key and a Ctrl key.
-Correct movement of a frame counter.
-A remainder of DMA_cycles corrects a few problems than request_cycle.
-Cope in Mapper2 in Shanghai (PRG CRC:b20c1030).
-Support a version other than DBZ2.
-Correct the number of clock of NES for PAL.
-A family BASIC keyboard connection 2P side controller corrects the problem that does not work.
-Be revisions scantily.

Télécharger VirtuaNES 0.97e (373,3 Ko)

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