Atari++ est un émulateur tournant à l’origine sous Linux et supportant 8 systèmes Atari : Atari 400/800, Atari 400XL, 800XL, 130XE & la console de jeu VCS5200. un build est maintenant disponible sous Windows. Elle inclue la librairie SDL.

– This release is mainly due to Mark Keates (thanks, Mark!!) by
emulating the flash process for Steve Trucker’s flash ROM
carts. That is, Steve’s software is now able to erase and re-
flash the flash ROMs.
– Added emulation code for the Phoenix, Blizzard and ATMax
– New cartridges (for the Flash code) and new disk images can now
be created by the emulator on the fly. For that, just type in
a non-existing file name in the file requester and either
format this virtual disk, or set the cart type to Flash and
supply a flash image.
– The FMS directory operations were complete rewritten, reducing
the amount of required buffer memory by 128 bytes. Furthermore,
the default number of buffers was reduced to the standard set
of two drives, three files, again leaving more memory to BASIC.
– The FMS is now even more compatible to Dos 2.0S by offering the
same memory locations for the drive write mode, the number of
drive buffers and the number of file buffers. All these are now
available by standard peeks/pokes documented in Dos 2.0S.
– The FMS is now read-compatible to Dos 2.5 and makes the extended
files visible in the directory listing.
– This release fixes a couple of minor bugs in the OS
implementation. The text window modes of Graphics 9,10 and 11
flickered during SIO operation, and the ROM got streamlined
a bit.
– The monitor offers now a command to log the commands executed
by the CPU to a file. Check for the ENVI command. Note that the
logs can grow very fast very long.

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