Voici les nouveautés de la prochaine version de WinUAE (un émualteur Amiga) qui devrait sortir en juillet:

New and improved features:
– Input event recording and playback (WIP)
– PC floppy drive drive sound emulation 🙂
– Mousehack-« driver » build-in.
– PC DD and HD floppy image support.
– Added improved audio filter and interpolation code from uade
and other sound setting updates.
– Added build-in HRTMon debugger/monitor. (WIP)
– Action Replay for Amiga 1200 ROM image support.
– Arcadia emulation updates.
– Directory filesystem compatibility updates. (illegal characters in
directory names work better now, some protection flag tweaks,
more compatible disk capacity check if disk is very big,
compatibility issues with servershare-directories fixed)
– Debugger updates. (improved trainer search command, fa-command,
like in Action Replay, AGA color register dump etc..)

Bug fixes:
– Fix for random state restore freeze.
– AVIOutput crash, incorrect window size.
– Random Picasso96 screen mode switch crash.
– « Create hard disk imagefile »-option in harddisk settings fixed,
previously it usually created corrupt hardfiles..
– Fixed garbage lines when program mixed interlace and
non-interlace modes.
– D3D filter fullscreen freeze fixed.
– Priority-panel « pause emulation/disable sound output »-checkboxes
were not initialized correctly

And more smaller (and maybe bigger) changes..

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