Un émulateur qui n’utilise aucun plugin à la manière d’un VGS, un bon émulateur.

– Fixed missing characters in WildArms battles (GTE flags inaccuracy)
– Fixed GTE bugs that caused missing graphics in Tombraider Chronicles
– Fixed recompiler bug that cause Tomraider Chronicles to crash
– Add missing CDROM functionality that caused DW7 to hang during FMVs
– Emulator can now be full screened on any monitor (autodetect or force)
– Fixed bug that caused XA audio to cut out (often during fastforward)
– Added support for CloneCD and ISO CD images
– Made BIN images work even if CUE file is missing (not recommended)
– Added support for new CD image types to CDZ
– Corrected aspect ratio in PAL modes
– Fixed bug where quick saves didn’t work with certain games
– Fixed bug where F10 entered the menu instead of loading quick save
– More accurate SPU ADSR envelopes (including exponential modes)
– Initialise ADSR registers after SPU reset (fixes sound in Tombraider)

Télécharger Pyldin v3.3.29 (5,0 Mo)

Télécharger nGlide v2.0 (3,1 Mo)

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