SDLMame, la version destiné avant tout à Linux, MACOS & Cie a également été mis à jour en conformité avec u10.

New stuff in this version:
* Support (software only) for Aaron’s new video engine
* Greatly improved windowed-mode behavior. You may now resize and maximize the window and SDLMAME will Do The Right Thing
* Support for Win32/MinGW. This is really just for demonstration purposes, although it’s a lot less gimpy on Windows than previous SDLMAMEs (SDL 1.2.11 finally fixed their broken DirectSound backend)
* Support for both PowerPC and Intel Mac OS X
* Unlimited software stretching, with or without aspect ratio correction. You may now stretch either in integer steps or in 1-pixel amounts. Just don’t expect good framerates filling your 1920×1200 LCD panel 😉
* .WAV sound logging support

A few known issues:
* No multi-head or multi-window support, at least until SDL 1.3 is released (I’m guessing fall 2006)
* No OpenGL yet, and the software stretch can get slow much past 800×600 unless you have a very fast (3+ GHz) PC
* Unused areas of the display aren’t erased, so you can cause trouble playing with the orientation of multi-screen games in full-screen mode. PSX games probably don’t look too great either. (NOTE: in windowed mode this isn’t a problem)
* In full screen mode the image is upper-left justified instead of centered

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