Quelques news du coté de John IV (le papa de John V):

I’ve created a simple experiment w/ scanlines as external artwork for the new Mame renderer and shipped them off to Aaron. If scanlines were to be externally supported as artwork it would be very helpful for the core to apply that particular art file to all games or vertical / horizontal depending on your *.lay file. So no need for 3000 copies of the same art file for each parent. 😉

To use:

1. Unarchive.
2. Choose your resolution from the short list of included ones, rename it to Scanlines.png and put it in the zip file in step 3.
3. Change the name of the associated artworkzip file to whatever game you want.
4. Change the *.lay file in the zip to step 3’s.
5. I included a vertical game version [puckman] and a horizontal [garou].

Anyhow, they don’t look too bad on my 1920×1200 24″ Dell LCD. Hopefully this will open up the door for additional masks that could more closely simulate a monitor if we wanted, like the old ‘auto’ RGB setting and beyond.

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