Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Nes.

Shell Additions:
* Language plugin system using compiled resource DLLs. LDK included in the source.
* Date and time for last state slot write now displayed in the menu.
* Most option dialogs now carry a cancel button.
* Launcher window size preserved and optionally saved on exit.
* More detailed info in some error messages.

Shell Changes:
* Various aesthetic fixes and improvements to the GUI.
* Alternative screen font for a few selected countries.
* Many hardcoded strings moved to the resource string table.
* No default directory creation if already user specified.
* Swapped load/save state keys (N/SHIFT+N) for a more standard setup.
* Different meaning to the SHIFT+0/0 key for save/load state slots.
SHIFT+0 to overwrite oldest slot, 0 to load from newest slot.
* Auto monitor frequency option in video dialog now enabled by default.
* Updated to newer version of unrar.dll.
* unrar.dll and kaillera.dll now only loaded on demand.
* Lots of refactoring.
* Cleaned up tabs and spaces in source files via internal utility.
* Cleaned up HTML in readme file.

Shell Fixes:
* More menu/dialog items grayed out when not applicable.
* Menu disappearance sometimes after exiting menus/dialogs in fullscreen mode.
* Filter settings now properly reset on ‘Default’ button clicks in the video options dialog.
* Display of the ‘Name’ and ‘Maker’ launcher column entries now in proper ANSI code page.
* Directory string parsing bug if failed to create a default directory.
* Auto window sizing quirk.
* Incorrect image file properties in some of the database corrected entries in the launcher dialog. Refresh your file list to force the fix to take effect.

Core Additions:
* Pachinko (via mouse wheel) and Hori Track (via mouse) controllers. Info from Enri.
* Nantettatte Baseball Double Casette System for mapper 68. Info from CaH4e3 and Enri.
* Mapper 170 for « Fujiya Thinking Games ». Info from Enri.
* Mapper 197 for « Super Fighter III ». Info from CaH4e3.
* Backup-switch for the Family BASIC and Playbox BASIC cartridges (DIP Switches dialog).
Info from Enri.
* RP2C04 VS Unisystem palettes. Info from Quietust and Kevtris.
* New entries for auto-detection of controllers.
* Database entries.

Core Changes:
* Moved « Subor (Russian) » to mapper 166.
* Moved « Seicross (J) » back to mapper 185.
* Controller names. Info from Pongbashi.

Core Fixes:
* DIP switch setting for « VS.Bomb Jack ».
* Lightgun in « VS.Duck Hunt » and « VS.Hogan’s Alley » now works again.
* Database entries.

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