Ootake est un nouvel émulateur Nec PC Engine (et tout ce qui va avec) basé sur le meilleur émulateur PCE gratuit devant Hugo: PC2E (depuis arrêté suite à une histoire à la con). Celui-ci en améliore donc le contenu.

It is emulator software of great machine « PC Engine »(TurboGrafx16).
As for « PC Engine », to demonstrate the abilities of individual parts to its
maximum, the sense was designed well. The basic processing speed was faster
than great machine « SUPER NES » and « GENESIS » that had gone out, and wonderful
machines with potential more than the spec table.
It was for that, and a lot of masterpiece software where the idea and zeal had
shut oneself up arose especially in Japan. After it becomes it, these..
elderly persons are sure to have the time that wants to play and becomes it
absolutely. I want to play hot on such an occasion by a sense as possible as
near a real machine. Such a desire was produced having it.
This program was produced in changing and the shape given based on the
source code of PC2E(The distribution has been ended now).
On this occasion, respectfully in PC2E author’s Mr. Ki and the PCE-emulator
developers from old as thanks.
« ROM image file » that sucked out the content of the « Hu-CARD » to the
personal computer is necessary for use.
In the use of « CD-ROM2 SYSTEM CARD », it is possible to play by turning on
the « PC Engine(TurboDUO) CD-ROM disk » to the drive of the personal computer.
« ROM image » file becomes a breach of the Copyright Act when distributing it
to the other. Therefore, please treat it carefully.
The questions about the « ROM image file » are not accepted to the author.

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