De la news chez R. Belmont:

I’m sure most people saw Aaron’s screenshot that’s become the trademark of the new render system: Golly! Ghost! in hi-res (1280×1024) with the game graphics bilinear filtered but the (already hi-res) artwork untouched. Well, SDLMAME can do that now with OpenGL: check out this shot.
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(Revised) Note: All cards with hardware acceleration under Linux should do pretty good, as long as they’re half-modern and don’t have lame texture size limits or anything. I don’t wanna hear about your 3dfx – give it up already

Now to fix texture bordering and then try this on the Mac.

Cliquez pour agrandir (1.4 Mo)

NB: J’ai mis en « gras » les passages qui feront bien « des choses » à Seb4771

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