Nouvelle version pour le meilleur émulateur Sega Saturn disponible.

– The [inputsutokiyapuchiya] interrupting processing of SH2 was improved.
– The interruption processing of SCU was corrected.
– The gradation operation of VDP2 was mounted.

At the time of scan line OFF, it pulled length to 2 times with the hardware and tried to extend.
Letter of error message and option item was inserted in the resource.

SH2 emulator 100%
68000 emulator 100%
VDP1 block 100%
VDP2 block 95%
SCU block 100%
SMPC block 100%
SCSP block 100%
CD block 85%

Télécharger SSF v0.12 Beta R4 (1,2 Mo)

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