Nouvelle version Test pour cette version spéciale de Mame destiné avant tout à Linux, MacOs, etc.

# OpenGL is now available as the backend renderer. This brings major speedups vs. software rendering, especially in hi-res full-screen situations. Additionally you may choose to bilinear filter the game graphics when stretching them (or not if you like to see all the pixels). Plus the artwork/bezels/etc are now handled by your video card instead of the CPU (don’t worry, they’re never bilinear filtered), and vector games are drawn entirely by the video card using antialiasing and translucency for a more accurate looking effect. Try Star Wars or Tempest on a big LCD at full native and you’ll never go back.

# Fixed an issue with the -fullstretch mode where you could cause a “death spiral” and crash by repeatedly rotating a lopsided game such as OutRunners in windowed mode.

# Added -rdtsc (Win32, Linux, Intel OSX) and -machtmr (PPC OSX) switches so you can choose your timing source. If you have a recent Intel or AMD CPU and your sound fluctuates and skips, these switches are what you’re looking for

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