Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de PCEngine basé sur PC2E.

– The processing fall had generated by the personal computer that did not
have power was canceled for software with extremely a lot of frequencies
in which the input of the pad was referred.
– It corresponded to reading the « hes file »(music tune performance program
using a built-in sound source of PC Engine). – Please note that
distributing the « hes file » Rippinged from the « Hu-Card » and « CD-ROM » to
the other becomes a breach of the Copyright Act. The « hes file » of the
self-made tune is safe.
– Spelling the folder of the source file was corrected and it was corrected
to « Source » as « Sorce » to have made an error in writing.
– The matter of the sound card and the game pad was added to the system
requirements column of Readme.txt(this file).

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