Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de PCEngine basé sur PC2E.

– When two JoyPads or more for Windows were connected, trouble to which the
JoyPad was not able to be set correctly was corrected.
– Information was offered from « PC2E » author’s Mr.Ki for the processing of
the timer interrupt, and a real machine mounted near operation. (The timer
interrupt first time was generated early in by 512 clocks.)
– When « Youkai Douchuki » was started, « Perform SpriteOver » was made to be
set by the automatic operation. (To make it hide itself on the other side
when the enemy character came to the score display part)
– As for « BigAudioBuffer » setting, the name became « Most BigAudioBuffer ».
And « BigAudioBuffer » changed to the setting to which the sound was delayed
only a little than usual. Use it because of the appreciation of the music
such as « hes file ».

– The trouble played at the time of beginning the track was corrected with software that played CD-DA on the way of the track.
– When CD-DA was played, Prigapp was considered. Trouble to which the CD-DA play part shifted in a part of game was canceled.

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