Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur NES développé en Java possédant le son via le support d’une API Son Java. Il contient aussi un très bon débuggeur.

– Fixed bug with Override addresses in lowercase hex format
– Fixed bug where screen was greying out when entering Game Genie codes
– Fixed bug where forcing of Animated GIF recording mode wasn’t working
– Fixed bug where DisableSaveState was preventing Trigger Saves
– Added TRIGGER DELAY option to Overrides
– Added DisableReset flag to NESCafe settings file
– Added graphics option to clip screen left and right
– Added graphics option to horizontally flip the screen
– Added Debug output for Keypresses
– Made speed improvements to the NESCafe Override Engine

Télécharger NESCafe 1.03 (516,6 Ko)

Télécharger Kymaera (WIN) 2.02 (12,1 Mo)

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