Nitsuja vient de sortir une nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de SuperNES destiné à Linux, MacOs et à présent sous Windows grace à ce port non officiel. En voici les nouveautés:

– Does not use the Windows registry. Settings are stored in the config file snes9x.cfg, which can also be edited manually and contains some « hidden » options. Even the options to configure the config file are in there. If you delete it, Snes9x will re-generate it with default options.
– You can now type ROM names in the file open dialog to jump to them, instead of having to scroll down manually.
– Maintain aspect ratio option. Smoothed scaling option. Extended height (black bar) is optional. So, fullscreen mode + smooth scaling should actually look good now.
– Customizable hotkeys (save/load/pause/fastforward/etc.).
– It should now be possible to use Joystick/Gamepad buttons as hotkeys. This can be disabled in the config file for a small performance increase.
– New video output filters, mainly from the Mac OS X port (most importantly, EPX (Scale2x) and (real) HQ2X). Also, hi-res support was added to a couple of existing filters (Interlace and TV Mode).
– Changes to filters and a few other things in the display dialog are shown immediately (preview for your changes) if you have a game open before you bring up the dialog.
– Option for Snes9x to keep running when it’s in the background instead of pausing. Another option (but not recommended) for hotkeys to affect it from the background.
– « Active » cheat search option, which stays open and updates without pausing the game
– You can type in addresses in the cheat search window to jump to them. Addresses in list are displayed starting at 0 instead of 7E000.
– Added « Entered Address » as a comparison type option in cheat finder, so you can narrow something down based on its address.
– Cheat search has options to watch up to 12 values even while it’s closed, and can save/load sets of watched values. Saved watch values can be renamed.
– Better directory management, all configurable in general Settings dialog or config file.
– Saving screenshots works, by hotkey or menu.
– Saving AVIs when extended height is on now works and outputs a 256×240 AVI.
– Saving AVIs of games that switch into hi-res mode works (without any crashing or weird stretching) and doesn’t look too bad.
– Text messages no longer get into AVIs or screenshots, and are not filtered, and show immediately even while Snes9x is paused. This change is optional.
– « OpenGL bi-linear » filter deprecated, because you can achieve the same effect without it and it has some color bugs in some games. It can still be enabled via the config file if you really want to use it.
– Maximized state of window is saved. Also, the window can no longer be saved in an offscreen position.
– ROM open dialog displays MBit size of zipped ROMs.
– Maybe fixed the ROM dialog repeated « disk not found » bug.
– Maybe fixed the « input config dialog goes crazy when I try to configure my joystick » bug.
– Games that need mouse or superscope should be easier to start playing since they automatically switch to the appropriate peripheral on startup.
– Added option to display input, even for non-joypad controller types.
– Superscope/Mouse/Justifier recording. The movie size is a little large but it works quite well.
– Reset recording (where you reset while recording a movie, as part of the movie).
– Various movie-related changes from snes9xw-improvement-v9, and more turbo/stick key options to use. Loading a savestate shows the new frame immediately even if Snes9x is paused.
– Savestate version is newer (some necessary data was missing from the savestate format), meaning that existing versions can’t load its save states.
– Movie version is newer. For now, it can only play movies that were recorded in this version. (Snes9x 1.43 is too different from Snes9x 1.5 for me to have bothered trying to support its movies, they would always desynchronize.)
– Config file supports comments on same line as a key/value pair, and saving comments, and nice alignment, and different sorting modes
– Netplay… is still disabled 🙁
– Fixed the PAL/NTSC bug so you don’t need to load PAL Roms twice to get the right speed of music.
– Fixed a small bug in the Mac port’s controls (the 2nd Justifier couldn’t move up or left before).
– Fixed a small bug in the APU code (incorrect order of operations in a macro).

Quelques nouveaux filtres graphiques et sonores ajoutés, plus de fluidité et une compatibilité meilleur sont au programme (A noter que le build windows est toujours en WIP par contre), on est pas au niveau de Zsnes mais c’est bien plus agréable que la vieillissante 1.43 🙂

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