UnrealSpeccy est un émulateur Sinclair Spectrum.

! Z80: fixed flags after ADD IX/IY,SP instruction
! Z80: fixed undoc flags after LDI(R)/LDD(R)
! Z80: fixed undoc flags after CPI(R)/CPD(R)
– Z80: undoc flags for IN[R] / OUT[R] not ready yet
! Z80: MEMPTR implemented (as described in boo_boo & Kladov research)
! anti-text64 now works in ATM-TURBO models [fb AlCo]
! monitor: don’t waste CPU time in spectrum screen view (F9) [fb AlCo]
* changes in HDD/CDROM code: physical layer moved to separate classes
! GS: fixed unused port#BB bits (some games rely on it) [fb moroz]
+ CD-ROM access via SPTI (native WinNT) or ASPI (3rd-party wnaspi32.dll)
* used my SNDRENDER library for sound & AY emulation (easier & reusable)
* implemented 16/32bpp renders for ATM-1,2 640×200 screen mode
* improved GS quality: high-level emulation mode playing samples using BASS
@ please upgrade BASS to version 2.3 (API changed)

Télécharger UnrealSpeccy (AloneCoder) v0.37.3 fix5 (1,0 Mo)

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