La version u13 de SDLMame est enfin disponible.

* Up to date with baseline u13
* OpenGL code is now optimized and supports ARB_texture_rectangle for even more speed on Mac OS X and some Windows/Linux configurations
* New -hcenter and -vcenter options to center the game screen within the view area. These are separate for each direction to handle dual-monitor cases better. If you have two 4:3 monitors side-by-side you’ll want -vcenter on and -nohcenter, or else normal games will be split across your two monitors. (Wide games like OutRunners and Darius 2 will cross the monitors anyway, this is unavoidable). Similarly, with 2 4:3 monitors top/bottom you’d want -centerh and -novcenter.
* Software mode now properly clears the unused area when the game geometry changes

* [UPDATE]_2 fixes 2 bad bugs in u13: 1) texture corruption on OS X in windowed mode if the game switched modes in OpenGL mode 2) debug code was accidentally left on that would degrade performance and write “tex{some number}.bin” files all over the place (again, only in OpenGL).

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