Cet outil Windows (nécessite .NET) optimise la compression des clones grâce au format d’archive ‘Solide’.

3.1 (2199.25374)

1. Added the icon for the Portuguese translation.
2. Added the icon for the Turkish translation.
3. Updated the about page.

3.1 (1820.36394)

1. Added the icon for the Spanish translation.

3.1 (1779.33043)

1. Added the icon for the German translation.
2. Changed from GPL to BSD licensing.
3. Changed the about screen to make a note of the BSD license.

3.1 (1772.1162)

1. Added French and Simplified Chinese flags.
2. Fixed wrong page being selected on certain errors.
3. Added some translation texts.
4. Opened the source and changed the website link to point to SourceForge.
5. Added a generic « TOSEC » database.

3.1 (1658.235)

1. Fixed compression settings not loading correctly.
2. Fixed Windows 98 crash on start under certain circumstances.
3. Fixed total system RAM detection so that it works on all 32-bit Windows
operating systems. No more relying on WMI.
4. Settings for ‘File Locations’ are now saved individually for each set. This
required changes to the Settings.xml file, so be sure to extract the new one
(which will reset your current settings).
5. All settings are now saved on exit instead of waiting until « Merge Now » has
been clicked.
6. Added more timestamps and timing information to the log.
7. Updated the about page to reflect the new website. (Thanks for providing
hosting, kiczek!)

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