Basé sur MAME cet émulateur supporte uniquement les gambling machines (jeux d’argent). Il s’agit du build Windows. Anciennement connu sous le nom de MAGE.

– Included all updates from 0.106 to 0.107
AWPSim again revised, into AWPVideo – a series of functions that any driver can access, to provide a unifrom platform for future simulator development. The original system has now been totally disabled, but as of writing there is no sample simulator layout available (lamping is improving, though).

– The system still isn’t perfect (Ideally, different video components should be placed on different ‘screens’, but that will require a rewrite of the AWPVid external components (vacfdisp, bfm_dm01 etc).

– AGEMAME is still using a different MPU4 core to regular MAME, while I try to work out some communications issues – when ready, I’ll merge it back in.

A noter que le build basé sur Mame32 (v0.107u1) est en cours de test.

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