Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de SuperNES:

# 5A22: Improved self-generated IRQ behavior, thanks to byuu for information
# PPU: Added some missing precision limitations to mode 7, thanks to anomie and byuu for research
# 5A22: Fixed a bug where HDMA was being terminated one scanline too early
# Source: fixed a few minor source issues that could lead to compiler warnings or errors
# PPU: Translated much of the graphics rendering code to C
# PPU: Fixed bugs in rendering of offset-change BGs when mosaic was enabled
# PPU: Added window clipping to OBJ and to EXTBG mode 7
# PPU: Implemented direct color mode for 8-bit pixels on BG1
# PPU: Implemented color window emulation, including fixed color and sub screen arithmetic modes and most, if not all, of the various edge cases, thanks to Blargg for fast 15-bit blending algorithms
# ROM loader: Fixed a bug where IPS auto-patching would only work on the first ROM loaded
# PPU: Fixed mosaic support
# ROM loader: Fixed a bug in ROM allocation resizing which could cause crashes
# ROM loader: Fixed a bug where IPS auto-patching could cause incorrect memory mapping on LoROM
# ROM loader: Fixed a bug where IPS auto-patching could potentially cause bad patches or crashes when extending the ROM size
# 5A22: Improved H-DMA behavior accuracy in a couple ways, thanks to byuu for information
# Config: Added default ROM directory support (must be set manually in cfg file, read the config file section of the readme for info)
# Config: Added full-screen/window configuration option (controllable via GUI and config file but not commandline, at this time), and a few new resolution options
# GUI: Slight improvement to load ROM dialog

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