Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur basé sur PC2E:

– When using it with the personal computer in multi core
CPU(Athlon64x2 etc.), the bug from which the CD-DA sound had not been
occasionally played was corrected.
– The noise of ADPCM sound is made to disappear, and tone quality has been
– When « Varis II » and « Urusei Yatsura »,etc. were played, the problem that
the CD-DA sound repeats in the first track was solved.
– « Resolution change in each line » used by « Asuka120% » was mounted.
Therefore, the display similar to a real machine can be done.
– When « Ojousama Densetsu Yuna » were played, the problem that the screen
becomes pitch-dark when starting was solved.
– When « State Save data before v0.56 » was read since v0.57, the bug to which
the resolution of the screen had not been correctly occasionally changed
was corrected.

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