Nouvelle version de MamePlus en conformité avec u3:

* GUI: fixed language menu check mark when GUI is switched to full screen mode [regret]
* GUI: fixed crash on startup when user interface options are « Reset to Default »
* GUI: added option to disable ImageMenu (« View – Menu Style »)
* GUI: added « Visual Effects » Combobox
* GUI: fixed context menu position when screen shot area is hidden
* GUI: updated « Export Game List » code [emu_max]
* Core: fixed a bug that caused M68k DRC core does not work properly for neogeo encrypted games (garou, kof2003, etc.)
* UI: fixed a bug that caused « Show Command » and « Show Cheat List » shortcut menu doesn’t popup [regret]
* UI: fixed crash when using PageUp in in-game menu
* UI: fixed crash in « Show GFX »
* Misc: updated Spanish and Korean translation
* neogeo: added samsho5b C, V roms, these has been confirmed on a real PCB which has 4 C’s and 4 V’s [flycboy]
* neogeo: added sthoopcd(Street Hoop) CD to MVS conversion
* neogeo: renamed some decrypted romsets (source code only)
* neogeo: fixed runtime bug in kof2003d (source code only)
* neogeo: fixed fr2ch driver [XiaoFang]
* Compiling: fixed compiling error for MSVC & ICC (source code only) [xvi]
* Compiling: added/fixed compiling options for the following:
– USE_HISCORE (source code only)

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