Créé par Haze, HazeMD est un émulateur de Megadrive basé sur Mame v0.107u3 (et en partie intégré dans MESS), il s’agit simplement d’une version Standalone.

Based on Mame 0.107u3 sources

hazemd.exe is a standard build
hazemdd.exe is a debug build

both are command line builds, not mame32 based.
If somebody wants to do a Mame32 Port I have no objections.

This is just a test build, more of a personal backup.

The gamelist metadata is mostly incomplete

There are many issues, and it really needs a cleanup and a rewrite with the
knowledge gained from working on it.

Reasons you might want to use this:

1. It runs Sun Mixing’s Super Bubble Bobble (actually maybe this should be in the
other list..)
2. It runs Dino Dini’s Soccer Properly
3. It runs the Realtec titles
4. The Star Wars scroller text is present in Monster World 4 (but backup ram
isn’t, yet)
5. You can probably use MAME’s INP recording to record some cool replays
6. You can use MAME’s cheat engine
7. It’s based on MAME, you can modify it very easily
8. The MAME debugger (although there seems to be a small bug in the .107
releases causing the scanline counters to fail when in the debugger)
9. It works better than the current MAME / MESS MegaDrive / Genesis drivers 😉
Reasons you might not want to use this:

1. Emulation is incomplete, while most games work several have glitches, one or two don’t work at all
2. No support for more than 2 players, 6-button pads etc.
3. Bugs, there are bound to be some
4. No Save States
5. No 32X / Sega CD support
6. Backup RAM support is missing in most games (it’s handled manually based on what is in the carts, not what is in the headers)
7. It’s much slower than the other Megadrive emus out there
8. Gens and Kega are for the most part better emulators.

The eventual goal is to get this to a standard I’m happy with so that it can be
used for emulation of the Megadrive based Arcade systems in MAME. As things stand
I’m far from happy with it, many things need doing, especially real HV & DMA timing

Télécharger X128 0.95B Open Alpha (1,2 Mo)

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