Nouvelle version pour cet émualteur de Nec PCEngine (basé sur PC2E), en voici les nouveautés:

– When « Sherlock Holmes (1&2) » and « Last Armageddon » were played, the
problem that had been played as ADPCM voice becoming interrupted was
solved. *When do you play « Sherlock Holmes (1&2) », use « CD drive to which
reading is steady fast » or « Virtual CD drive ».
– The access timing of CD-ROM was modeled on a real machine more. In the
favor, the capacity of the « Save State file » has decreased by 510KB.
– When « Tenshi no Uta » were played, the problem that the game screen in the
casino has become pitch-dark was solved.
– When « Popful Mail » were played, the bug that the screen of the demo has
become pitch-dark (It is generated by v0.60) was corrected.
– The bug that an extra sound had been uncommonly emitted according to the
game at the end of the tune of the CD-DA sound (It is generated by v0.60)
was corrected.
– Timing in which the tune of CD-DA was repeatedly performed was made
– « Save State » was made to be able to be done with stability even while it
accessed CD-ROM.

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